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Missouri Certified Green Industry Stars

The Missouri Certified Green Industry Stars program is a Missouri state certification program.

The program objectives are:


  • To raise the standards of the Green Industry's Professional Horticulturist in the state of Missouri
  • To assist the public in identifying Certified Green Industry Horticulture Professionals who have been tested on Basic Principles of Horticulture, Environmental Stewardship Ideals and Best Management Practices as they apply to the state of Missouri
  • To improve performance within the profession by encouraging participation in a continuing program of professional development
  • MLNA is committed to continued professional development for the Green Industry Professional Horticulturist. To locate a Missouri Certified Green Industry Star consult the Membership Directory.

MLNA is currently reviewing and updating the Missouri Certified Green Industry Stars Program. If you would like to locate a Missouri Certified Green Industry Star consult the MLNA Membership Directory. If you are certified and wish to check your professional status, have your status listed in MLNA's Membership Directory or wish to inquire about CEU credit opportunities, please contact MLNA Coordinator Anne McKinstry at (636) 542-1234

For the MLNA Plant Study List go to  http://plantsci.missouri.edu/ps2210/MLNA/index.htm

Recommended Study Guides -
Botany for Gardeners by Brian Capon
The Manual of Herbaceous Ornamental Plants by Steven Still (Stripes Press)
Manual of Woody Landscape Plants by Michael A. Dirr

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STARS Certification Explained

An explanation of what the STARS program's goals are and what it is required

STARS Membership

A list of Certified Green Industry STARS

Study Guide for Module 1

STARS Module 1 Study Guides for certification


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