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Proposal To Unify MLNA With MoTOC Into The Green Industry Alliance

Active members will vote on the proposed ballot on Friday, January 22, 2016 at 8:00 am during the MLNA Business Membership Meeting held in the Sheraton Crown Center, Room Benton A/B.

The MLNA Board & Advisors have held three invesigative meetings in 2015 with the MoTOC Board & Advisors.  MLNA Board has voted to proceed with presenting the ballot to the membership for a vote.  It is our recommendation to vote in favor to go forward with the procedure of forming one unifying Missouri Green Industry Association tentatively named 'The Green Industry Alliance'

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Ballot to whether to join with MoTOC (Missouri Turf & Ornamental Council) to form one unifying green industry association in the state of Missouri

2015 Meetings With MoTOC

Minutes of the three meetings held in 2015 with MoTOC investigating forming one united Missouri Green Industry Alliance.


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